Chatsworth Lets You Select and Stock Your Runs

One of the key things that Chatsworth showcased at BICSI 2016 was their adjustable runway. You can stock the horizontal runs and based on what your needs are - if you've got a 6", 9", 12" or 18" wide raceway - you can select those runs and stock those. You wouldn't want to do that for a job where you're running 100 feet+, but for these smaller rooms where you need a 6" or 12" raceway, all you have to do is stock the runs.

The way it's set up: you can go through and pull these runs out based on the screws and adjust each of the widths, so you can go through and have varying widths.

In addition, we've got our new toolless standoff that we can go through. All you have to do is snap up, adjust it to wherever you want onto the rung or remove it completely. It's very easy to pop off and be able to adjust it to whatever you need; you can put it on the rung or on the side rail. It's got a lot of flexibility. The waterfalls can be positioned on the side or even in the middle of the rung.

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