GlobalFrame® Cabinets + Power with eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDU) From Chatsworth = Speedy Install and High-Efficiency

Chatsworth Global Frame Cabinets and eConnect

Are You Delivering High-Efficiency Solutions?

Data centers need highly reliable redundant power systems. And increased virtualization and use of high-density devices—such as blades and switches—require even more power. Data center managers must reduce “overhead energy” loss, so more power is dedicated to revenue-generating equipment—all without jeopardizing reliability and availability of resources.

For these reasons, it’s crucial to deploy a reliable power-distribution unit (PDU) at the cabinet level—the hottest place in the data center. To keep everyone happy, and win repeat business, contractors need to understand—and deliver on—their data center clients’ needs.

When It Arrives, It’s Ready: Cabinets, Power Up!

Did you know you can add power products to your Chatsworth cabinet when ordering? Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of having your eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDU) or power strips installed according to your order. So when the shipment arrives, you and your client are happy.

[PDF] Chatsworth White Paper: Selecting Rack-Mount PDUs for High-Efficiency Data Centers

With more than 180 standard configurations available—including high-density models in 50A and 60A 208V that meet power loads of up to 17kW per unit—it’s the market’s best answer to the demand for High Performance Computing (HPC), virtualization and cloud computing.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • Configure one part number for easy ordering
  • PDUs and cabinets ship and arrive together
  • Eliminate on-site installation
  • Fewer boxes to open, throw away, or recycle
  • eConnect® PDUs:
    • Respond to the demand for reliable power in the data center
    • Provide intelligent power distribution with an easy-to-use software interface for remote monitoring and control
    • Allow for remote access with optional monitoring and switching capabilities on outlets
    • Withstand the heat loads of any hot-aisle containment
    • More than 180 standard configurations available