Chatsworth eConnect™ Power Distribution Units

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Chatsworth eConnect Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide data centers, colocation providers and premise networks with a reliable power management solution that supports today’s rising power densities, rising heatloads, and monitoring requirements.

eConnect PDUs connect you to your evolving enterprise data center with an intelligent power solution that has been engineered to meet the unique thermal challenges of virtually any full-size cabinet or rack configuration.

Pushed by consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing, the growing number of kilowatts demanded from each cabinet has intensified the need for a PDU that can withstand increasing heat loads and maximize efficiency through advanced monitoring.

Featuring a low-profile design that reduces airflow disruptions, an ambient air temperature rating of 149°F (65°C) and more than 160 standard configurations, eConnect PDUs are the ultimate connecting point between thermal innovation and intelligent power distribution.

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Features at a Glance

  • Designed to withstand heat loads of any vertical exhaust duct or hot aisle containment environment
  • Low-profile design easily integrates into your cabinet’s Zero U space
  • Numerous voltage and outlet options
  • Universal tool-less mounting to ensure quick and easy deployment
  • Available in more than 160 standard configurations
  • Tool-less mounting for easy installation
  • PDU linking to connect up to 20 eConnect PDUs together using a single IP connection and one IP address for simple expanded network setup
  • Can turn individual outlets off so no unplanned additional load can be added
  • Automated continuous voltage, current and power monitoring is available, with power measurement
    accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Input power flexibility – cord can be located at the top or bottom of the cabinet; the PDU has multiple mounting locations and an adjustable display
  • UL Listed and CE marked

Chatsworth Power Management Catalog

Ranging from the intelligent monitoring and switching capabilities available from eConnect Power Distribution Units (PDUs), to basic Power Strips and In-Line Meters, each of CPI’s power management products have been specifically designed with your flexibility and scalability needs in mind.

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