The UL-Listed Solution For Insulated Multi-Tap Applications: UNITAP™ Flex By BURNDY®

Burndy Unitap Multiple Tap Connectors Flex

A Connector that Goes with the Flow

In matters of energy, you need a connector that delivers. BURNDY keeps the flow going with a connector for a wide range of electrical conductors. This powerful connector is dual-rated for use with copper and aluminum conductors and is suitable for both residential and commercial projects. It comes in multiple configurations and accommodates a wide variety of wire sizes too. So you can simplify installation and get the job done right the first time.

Where Design and Function Meet

The new “disc-pad” screw allows these UNITAP connectors to be used with flex conductors. So you don’t need expensive and time-consuming wire ferrules for a secure connection. Luckily, taping wires is no longer par for the course. Plus, with the clear Plastisol insulation, it’s easy to visually confirm when the conductor is properly installed. That’s much easier than fraying your wires—and nerves.

The color-coded screw port and conductor port caps put need-to-know information at your fingertips—literally. UNITAP Flex also protects against contamination and accidental exposure to energized surfaces. Plus, maximum conductor size accommodation and torque installation guidelines are easy to identify. No missed requirements with the UNITAP Flex in your toolbox.

[PDF] BURNDY UNITPAP Flex Conductor Cut Sheet

Features and Benefits

  • Listed to UL486A-B (File E9498), meeting the required UL standards for wire connectors
  • Configurations include In-Line Splice Reducers, Taps, Single-Sided Entry, and Double-Sided Entry with the number of ports from 2 to 14
  • Range-taking design will accommodate wire sizes from #14-750 kcmil Class B & C and #14-535 DLO Flex
  • No need to tape connections with the UNITAP fully insulated Aluminum 6061-T6 connector body
  • Conductor ports are pre-filled with oxide inhibitor to ensure the conductor doesn’t degrade over time

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