BURNDY's HYGROUND Irreversible Compression Grounding System Raises the Bar in Safety and Performance

BURNDY HYGROUND Irreversible Compression Grounding System

Safe, Fast, Efficient

With a lengthy history of providing long-lasting, high-quality products, it’s no surprise that BURNDY has set the standard again with it’s HYGROUND Irreversible Compression Grounding System. Using components made exclusively of pure wrought copper, the same material as the conductor, the HYGROUND system is effectively immune to galvanic corrosion. The complete system includes connectors for grid cross connections, taps, splices, cable to ground rod, ground plates and terminations. In addition to longevity, the connections boast a remarkable installation time of just three minutes or less, dramatically simplifying the process and lowering costs.

Long-Lasting Performance

BURNDY’s irreversible compression ground system meets the most stringent safety and performance requirements, including those of OSHA and nuclear power plant design. Connections made using the HYGROUND system carry an industry-leading life expectancy, supported by superior parts and powerful design.

Each connection is marked clearly with the catalog number, conductor size, and installation die information, allowing for fast and accurate identification. From the moment the connection is compressed, you can rely on BURNDY’s HYGROUND system for rugged, efficient performance.

Features and Benefits of the HYGROUND system

  • Easy installation with no special tools or training required
  • Each connection can be made in three minutes or less, resulting in lower installation costs
  • Connections are clearly embossed with catalog number, conductor size, and installation die information for easy and accurate identification
  • Pure wrought copper components eliminate the possibility of galvanic corrosion
  • Irreversible compression connectors can be installed in all weather conditions, preventing costly delays
  • Non-hazardous installation process to eliminate safety concerns for installer
[PDF] BURNDY 2016 Grounding Catalog

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