The Ultimate Connectors For Below-Grade and Underwater Applications: Direct Burial UNITAP™ Connectors From BURNDY®

BURNDY Unitap Connectors

The Challenge: Mixing Water and Electrical

Let’s say you’re working on electrical retrofits for a strip mall in Florida in an area that’s prone to flooding. (People need electricity when they’re picking out a Hallmark card.) Like many U.S. locations, Florida has distinct flooding hazards. (Besides a sunburn, flooding is one of Florida's most frequent hazards.) To function in Florida’s climate, the connectors you use will need to stand up to water immersion.

The moral of the story: Electrical contractors who serve the commercial, industrial, and residential markets often need products that function when placed or used underwater. But not all connectors make the cut.

The Solution: Direct Burial UNITAP™ Connectors

With a submersion rating under UL 486D, BURNDY Direct Burial UNITAP™ Connectors can be installed in below-grade applications—such as light pole bases or underground tunnels—that may have a tendency to flood. They can also be used in underwater applications without the need for secondary or special sealing or taping.

[PDF] BURNDY UNITPAP Products Brochure

  • Dual rated for aluminum and copper conductors, and rated for 600V and 90°C applications
  • Accommodate a wire range from #12 - 500 kcmil
  • Fully insulated and sealed with high-quality EPDM rubber, and conductor ports are pre-filled with oxide inhibitor
  • Listed to the UL Sealed Wire Connector System Standard UL 486D; rated for Direct Burial and Submersion
  • A number of tap and splice/reducer configurations are available within the product family
  • Each unit is individually marked for ease of identification
  • Supplied with aluminum setscrews

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