Flexible, Powerful Grounding With The BURNDY Braid


Standing On Solid Ground

Even the toughest conditions are no match for BURNDY Braid, commonly used in applications where thermal expansion and contraction between rigid parts exists, components are misaligned, and in environments subject to frequent vibration or shock. In challenging applications—like grounding fences, transportation systems, trains or moveable equipment in a manufacturing setting—BURNDY Braid barely breaks a sweat.

Keep Moving Forward With BURNDY

Through every twist and turn, BURNDY’s got your back. Flexible copper braid connectors offer a diverse solution for a range of power, grounding, and bonding applications. Bending backwards (and forward) to meet your needs, the BURNDY Braid can be configured to suit nearly any application. That means custom options for termination, flexibility requirements, length between connection points, current carrying capacity, vibration, corrosion resistance and insulation.

A Braid For Every Application

Terminal-style braids can be used for a variety of mounting methods, or where minimal space is available. These braids are also ideal for bonding two surfaces to reduce static discharge. Ferrule-style braids—made of seamless, electrolytic copper tubing that can be pressed into a variety of widths and thicknesses—offer a heavy-duty contact area for more rigorous grounding and power applications.

[PDF] BURNDY Braid Catalog
[PDF] BURNDY White Paper: Copper Braid Characteristics and Applications
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Features at a Glance

  • Flexible configurations to suit a range of applications, from portable generators to substations, and more
  • UL Listed, CSA certified, and RoHS compliant
  • Flexible custom ordering, design assistance and intricate customization
  • Higher amperage ratings vs. an equivalent round conductor
  • Versatility in adapting to unusual orientations
  • Better heat dissipation vs. other conductor types (e.g., flat bar, strip or cable)
  • Choose from a wide range of lengths

Braid assemblies are referred to by many names, from shunts and power shunts to grounding jumpers, busbar connections, flexible leads, bonding straps, cable jumpers and flexible gate jumpers. Whatever industry term is used, rely on BURNDY to engineer, manufacture and supply the right configuration for your project.

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