Video: Wire Marking Made Easy with Brady

Brady is showing their full line of labeling systems to give the contractor an idea of where they can start when it comes to doing their own custom labels. From start all the way through to higher volume, higher capability labeling applications. Typically contractors are going to be doing wire and cable identification. We started our line with the very affordable handheld printer for $99, the BMP21 Plus, launched back in April. If contractors want to move into other types of labels, diecut labels, a wider range of materials, and maybe printers that have more functionality, we can take them through our line.

What's good for the contractor is it's an efficiency standpoint and being able to do things easier, more simply and quicker. All of Brady's portable printers have label cartridges that have smart cells in them, which tells the printer what is loaded into the machine in terms of material type and size so there's no calibration required. Drop the cartridge in, lock it into place and you're ready to print.

Labeling for the contractor is very important from a safety perspective, because it helps identify the wiring and cabling in terms of it's origin and where it's going to, so you don't misconnect things.

When it comes to wire and cable identification, Brady is your one and done, from simple wire marker cards and books to entry level printing systems, all they way up through bench top systems that are capable of doing thousands of labels a day.

When it comes to wire marking, Brady is your answer.