Brady Lockout/Tagout Solutions and Link360 Video

Most people know Brady for their best-in-class portable and benchtop labeling systems for wire marking and cable identification. But Brady is also a leader in facility identification: products like safety labeling, safety signage and other identification products for process improvement and operational efficiency like Lean and 5S. With respect to safety, Brady has a broad line of lockout tagout devices for contractors to use when they're working on energized equipment. Part of the OSHA regulation requires that you deenergize systems before working on them, so Brady has devices for controlling energy, locking those out with padlocks and tags to render the machine safe to work on.

Brady also has an application that allows you to create your own lockout procedures called Link360. It's a cloud based application which means you don't have to purchase or load software. You just subscribe to the service, log onto the site through the internet and it allows you to create a visually instructive graphical lockout procedure that gives you a step by step look at how to safely control those energy sources and make the machine safe to work on. There's no guesswork; where the energy sources are located, you follow it step by step and you're safe to do your job. You can do routine maintenance procedures and confined space entry procedures as well.

Brady has an engineering team through their client services group for contractors or companies, that will do that whole process turnkey for you.

When it comes to lockout/tagout compliance, you can get as little or as much help from Brady as you need.