Meet Your Labeling Needs On-Demand with Brady's BMP®61 Label Printer

Brady BMP61 Printer

Convenience is King

Labeling cables, wires, and components for proper identification is a critical step for industrial applications, but this necessity shouldn’t require a complicated solution. Brady’s BMP61 Label Printer aims for the quick and convenient creation of custom labels, using high quality materials to suit any installation. The BMP61 Label Printer can draw on both portable and stationary power, relying on the included NiMH Battery or AC Adapter, depending on the circumstance. The printer’s large, color touch-screen display is easily visible outdoors, making it easy for the user to navigate between functions. Designed for durability, the BMP61 Printer has an on-the-go grip and has been drop-tested for rugged performance.

Clarity in Any Context

Your labels must be easily readable regardless of the component or context. The BMP61 Label Printer meets this need with a 300 dpi printhead, providing unmatched clarity on each of your custom labels. The unit’s print preview function allows you to see exactly what you’re printing, preventing costly errors and wasted materials

The BMP61 Label Printer is easy to load and use. Featuring a large label bay and flip-top cover, loading materials into the device can be accomplished in seconds. Additionally, the device’s smart cell technology formats labels automatically; no time is wasted when creating your labels.

Features and Benefits

  • Large, Outdoor Visible, Color Touch-Screen Display allows user to navigate functions easily
  • Material loading is easy with wide-opening flip-top cover
  • Crisp, readable text is printed from a 300 dpi printhead
  • Portable or stationary power from a NiMH Battery or AC Adapter
  • Drop-tested durability inherent in rugged design
[PDF] Brady BMP61 Printer Brochure
[PDF] Brady BMP61 Label Printer Specifications Sheet
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