The Get 'Er Done Safety Solution: Brady's BBP®35 & BBP®37 Sign & Label Printers

Brady BBP35 BBP37 Sign Label Printers

Fast. Easy. Versatile.

When it comes to safety and productivity, you mean business. And a subpar labeling solution won’t cut it. So wimpy, lackluster labels (and printers) need not apply. To throw down a new standard in safety, Brady just upped the ante with signs and labels that stand at attention like never before. Now workers have the information they need at a glance. And there’s a tool to do it all—quickly and simply. (Drum roll, please…)

Safety Simplified

Brady’s BBP®35 and BBP®37 sign and label printers give you the power. (Use it for good, not evil.) First order of business: crank out signs and labels in the colors and shapes you need to make an impact—right at your own facility and right when you need them.

With multi-color printing, versatile shape-cutting capabilities, and lightning-fast print speeds, you’ll wonder how you lived without one of these babies. From arc flash labels to non-adhesive tags—and everything in between—there’s a label for every project and task under the sun.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

[PDF] Brady BBP35 and BBP37 Printer Brochure

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple print colors—Print noticeable, memorable, and effective signs and labels.
  • Shape cutting—Cut out shapes and text, or cut around your message to create labels that look and fit just right.
  • Automatic label setup—Printers read critical information from the supply cartridge and automatically set up the label attributes, so you can start printing immediately.
  • 20-second material changeovers—“Drop in” ribbons and labels mean no complicated threading, assembling spindles, sensor adjustment, or calibration steps. So you can get back to work faster. (Sorry ‘bout that.)
  • Fast print speed of 5 inches per second—Never wait around for your labels.

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