Berk-Tek Webinars

  • Is your fiber migration plan breaking your budget?

    Technology is ever-changing and you need to prepare your data center for faster data rates. Berk-Tek can help you make your migration to future data rates easier and as cost effective as possible. The Berk-Tek Webinar: Is your fiber migration plan breaking your budget? will explain how Berk-Tek can help you in your migration strategy.


  • Berk-Tek Webinar: Pushing LAN Boundaries for Maximum Value

    The Berk-Tek Webinar: Reaching Beyond the Distance and Performance Boundaries of the LAN, presented by industry experts Mike Connaughton and Jim Frey, will provide an insider’s look at best practices for reaching beyond the distance and performance standards of the LAN without sacrifice or peace of mind.


  • 40G Infrastructure Secrets Webcast

    Learn simple and efficient cabling practices to maximize data center optical performance, rack and pathway density and cable management.


  • Achieving Maximum Performance for Voice, Data and Power in the Real World

    As more devices and applications join the IP world, dBs alone are no longer the best measure of network performance. Network performance metrics must now use application-specific tests and measures to ensure that ALL the services being provided are well delivered. This webinar will explain what these measures are and why they are significant for your network.


  • Optical Fiber Essentials for the Data Center

    Berk-Tek's Optical Infrastructure Essentials presentation addresses emerging 40/100 GbE trends and standards focused for data center applications. This presentation looks at optical fiber optimization, component and cabling comparisons and costs, data center configurations, as well as emerging market trends and network migration paths.