The Forgotten Link: Your Network Backbone

There's a transition going in our industry right before our eyes. Five or six years ago, it used to be a lot of 1 gig drops to a wall outlet. Typically it was 4 drops to a wall outlet. And what's happening today is those 4 drops are turning more into 2 drops,

But we're starting to put a lot more 10 gig drops to the ceiling. And that's what's being illustrating here at the Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies booth. Customers sometimes think: okay, I've put in my new access points, maybe 802.11ac and I'm connecting them with the latest and greatest 10g solution, I should be all fine. But there's something they're forgetting.

All of that data has to come back to the backbone. And traditionally, a lot of customers put in OM3 fiber for their backbone, typically that backbone is 10 gig. The issue now is you're getting a lot more 10 gig drops out into the enterprise, coming back to that same 10 gig backbone. There's not enough of a buffer to handle tha;, there's going to be problems moving forward.

Berk-Tek has the only solution where you to a 40 gig backbone out to 500 meters using multimode fiber. Berk-Tek does that with the OM4+ Gigalite blast and enhanced transceiver, which is only about a 10% increase over what your OM3 backbone was versus going to single mode which would be about a 300% increase to get that kind of distance at 40 gig.

This is the Forgotten Link because typically a lot of times customers forget about the backbone parts. This can be the weakest part of the network if you don't keep it in mind.

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