Cut the Scrap with Berk-Tek's smartPAK 1500 ft.

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Compare smartPAK 1,500 ft. with a standard 1,000 ft. box required for a 150,000 ft. project

Product smartPAK
1,500 ft. box
Boxes 100 150
Cardboard 1,780 sq. ft. 2,070 sq. ft.
Transport trips 34 50

Berk-Tek's innovative smartPAK packaging technology saves you money, time and space. With 1,500 feet of copper cable in each box, smartPAK delivers the convenience and ease of a traditional pull-box with the additional benefit of 50% more cable than 1,000-ft. boxes. According to contractors this virtually eliminates cable scrap when installing standards' compliant 300-foot horizontal cable runs or even more typical 150-foot runs.

Here's how it works. Berk-Tek’s smartPAK allows a total of ten pulls in today’s typical 150-ft. installations, or five pulls of the maximum distance of 300 feet with virtually no leftover cable - no scrap. A traditional 1,000-ft box allows only three maximum runs of 300 feet or six total pulls out to 150 feet, both resulting in 100 feet of cable (10%) as leftover scrap. In addition, fewer boxes are used saving cardboard and also transport trips to the jobsite. (See the comparison chart.)

smartPAK 1,500 ft. is offered in all colors for both plenum and riser versions of LANmark™-1000 (enhanced Category 6), LANmark™-6 (standard Category 6); LANmark-350™ (enhanced Category 5e) and HyperPlus 5e (standard Category 5e).

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  • 50% more cable per box – Compared with traditional 1,000-ft. boxes
  • Virtually eliminates cable scrap – Economical for today’s standard installation lengths
  • Significant labor savings – More efficient installations, more cable pulls per box, fewer box changeovers, fewer boxes to breakdown or recycle, and fewer boxes to handle or transport
  • Reduces jobsite waste – 10%-15% reduction in cardboard per 1,000 ft.
  • Robust box design – Reinforced multi-layered corrugated cardboard for added strength; innovative thumb hole for better grip


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Go to to use the new smartPAK calculator and estimate how much you can save in labor and scrap. Download the application to your smart device or use it on your computer.

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