Berk-Tek OneReach Video

Berk-Tek’s OneReach PoE Extender System extends the possibilities and options for provisioning remotely located security cameras, access control devices or wireless access points simply, reliably and cost effectively. Berk-Tek has heard from a lot of contractors and end users that they run into instances where they have devices where they want to use PoE to power things like security cameras, wireless access points and blue-light security phones and there is not a convenient or easy way to do it. So Berk-Tek developed its One Reach PoE Extender System.

The OneReach System utilizes a closet end device which is the power injection. This is a one port unit, so you would use it to support something like a single camera. The system also includes the OneReach cable assembly – which is the real beauty of the system. Berk-Tek has combined optical fiber along with stranded copper conductors - a single pull of the CL3R-OF rated composite copper/fiber cable. It’s available in both plenum and riser constructions, which means if you have a wireless access point within your total project that’s located in a plenum space, this is an appropriate product to use to supply both the power and the data connector to the device.

At the remote end, are the RPPe remote PoE ports. They are simple to install with just an MA connector and pre terminated LC connectors. If you have a larger project like a parking garage or multi-level parking lot, Berk-Tek offers a multi port device that allows you to run from the central closet where you have your back up UPS out to the parking garage to a central location. One cable will connect this device back to the closet. It’s a multi strand fiber that you can then break to four locations from here and each one of these can be up to 100 meters from this central location. So with the Berk-Tek OneReach PoE Extender System, from one drop you get efficient coverage of a lot of space and it makes really good use of your team’s time.