Berk-Tek Category 6A Reel In A Box Video

This is a new Category 6A reel in a box packaging option from Berk-Tek. Traditional Cat6A cables were available on reels only. They weren't available in boxes or reel in a box. Those reels were quite large in size; from 18-24 inches in diameter.

This package utilizes a 14 inch diameter reel, so it's much smaller than what was commercially available prior. It allows the contractors the convenience of no jack stands, no reel cart, no reel trees, they can pick the boxes up, carry wherever they want, stack them up and pay the cables out. It also has the convenience of an adjustable tension control on the side of the box, so they can adjust the tension and backlash of the coil as it's paying off.

This is a new package for Berk-Tek, and it's an industry first. To learn more about LAN-mark 10G2 Cat 6A reel in the box, download the spec sheet.