Berk-Tek OM4 Fiber Now Available From Graybar Stock

As the demand for faster speed and increased bandwidth continues, Graybar and Berk-Tek are here for you. Graybar has increased stock of four types of Berk-Tek OM4 fiber to make it more readily available for customers. We have the cable you need, in-stock and ready to ship.
  • Premises Distribution Plenum Rated Optical Cable
    Berk-Tek’s tight buffered, fiber optic cable is designed for installation in plenum, riser and horizontal environments and interbuilding backbone structures.
    • Benefit: Cost-saving design, easy to install and terminate.
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  • Premises Distribution with Armor-Tek Plenum Rated (12xOM4, 24xOM4)
    Berk-Tek's Premises Distribution cable is a Plenum rated tight buffered design. Armor-Tek Interlocking Armor is wrapped around the Premises Distribution cable core. A plenum rated sheath is the extruded around the interlocking armor.
    • Benefit: Eliminates the need for conduit or plenum innerduct.
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  • Indoor/Outdoor Premises Distribution Riser
    Berk-Tek's riser rated Indoor/Outdoor Tight-Buffer cables are designed specifically for LAN/WAN campus and building backbone cabling infrastructure. Suitable for indoor/outdoor installations, in-conduit, below the frost line.
    • Benefit: Provides for greater pulling distances thus reducing installation time.
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These fiber cables are intended for all high speed data applications including:

  • 10BASE-FL
  • 100BASE-SX/100BASE-FX
  • ATM 155/ATM 622
  • 1000BASE-SX/1000BASE-LX
  • Fibre Channel 1.062/2.125
  • 10GBASE-LX4
  • 40/100 GbE