Demonstration of Leviton's Cat 8 System

At BICSI 2017, Leviton demonstrated a working Cat 8 channel with Leviton connectivity, including the connectors themselves and the patch cords with Berk-Tek cable. The test was run on the new Fluke Networks Versiv field tester. According to those at BICSI, this the only working RJ45 Cat 8 system at the show.

Leviton's Cat 8 is based on the Atlas platform. and the Atlas platform is the only full metal body jack that goes from Cat 5e all the way up to Cat 8, including the shielded which is 6A, 6 and 6A shielded and Cat 8 is fully shielded.

Features of the Atlas Platform:

  • 13 colors
  • Internal shutters can be ordered up through 6A
  • Mix and match icons
  • Retention force technology which helps keep that connectivity in there and for intermittent data misses

When you disconnect PoE, if there's any arcing, Atlas, with that RFT technology, makes sure that arcing doesn't happen at the point of connectivity so you don't get any corrosion on the contact points.

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