Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies PoE Minimizes Heat, Maximizes Power Delivery

Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies demonstrates the heat difference of a Cat6A and Cat5e with two large bundles of 192 cables, each running 100 watts. The left cable is a Cat6A cable, the right cable is a Cat5e cable. Each one of them is running 100 watts, so there's 100 watts running on all four pairs.

You'll see the Cat5e heating up a lot with my infrared camera, aimed at the right hand cable, it's 40 degrees centigrade. The left Cat6A cable is only about 30 degrees centigrade. If you were to go and open up the bundle and look at the center of that, that's going to be at about 60 degrees C.

60 degrees C is what most Cat5e cables are listed to today. We're at ambient temperature of about 20 degrees C, so if this environment was warmer and that cable was heated by the Power over Ethernet or the 100 watts going through it, even higher than that 60 degrees C, it would be operating at a temperature beyond its listed rating and create a safety issue.

We're trying to raise awareness because right now, the IEEE is doing development on 802.3bt standard which will be 60 and 100 watts.

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