Berk-Tek's LANmark-XTP™ Ethernet Cable: Proven Performance, Durability & Power

Berk-Tek LANmark XTP

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The connected world is getting more and more connected. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index (Forecast & Methodology), in 2019, mobile data traffic will be equivalent to six million DVDs worth of data. If you diligently stacked those DVDs on top of each other, your DVD collection would be as high as 17 Empire State Buildings. If that doesn’t keep you busy enough, the amount of video that crosses global IP networks each month will soon be equivalent to five million years’ worth of DVD footage. (Looks like you’ll need more popcorn.)

Berk-Tek LANmark XTP

The New Cable Convergence

As connectivity grows, so does the need for Ethernet cables that can handle greater power, heat, and performance demands. To help installers choose the right cable for the job, Berk-Tek runs its products through rigorous, applications-based testing over a 100-meter, four-connector channel. Once testing is complete, each cable receives a Converged Application Score (CA Score) from 1-10, with 10 being the highest. With a CA Score of 8.6, Berk-Tek’s LANmark-XTP cable delivers the highest performance for wireless access point applications.

Powerful. Versatile. Easy to Install.

Berk-Tek’s LANmark-XTP is a long-lasting, high-performance cable that’s ideal for applications that demand increased bandwidth, from education to healthcare and government. With error-free performance up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, the LANmark-XTP is durable, efficient, versatile, and easy to install in both long and short channels.

For superior signal isolation, noise-cancelling technology protects traffic from outside interference. Plus, the intermittent spaces in the shielding technology absorb electrical energy, which eliminates the need for grounding. With durable jacketing compounds, the LANmark-XTP stands up to tough installations and everyday environmental stresses. With Berk-Tek's LANmark-XTP, the future of data cabling is here.

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Features and Benefits

  • Noise-cancelling XTP technology provides superior alien crosstalk performance
  • Ideal for short and long channels
  • Small diameter (0.275”) simplifies installation and cable management
  • No bonding or grounding needed
  • Backwards compatible with Gigabit Ethernet
  • Premium jacket compounds protect IP traffic from external stresses
[PDF] Berk-Tek LANmark-XTP Sell Sheet
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[PDF] Berk-Tek White Paper: Updating Power over Ethernet Standards for More Power, Speed, and Efficiency
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