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Belden and its family of brands design, manufacture, and sell a comprehensive portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products for the transmission of signals for data, sound and video applications. These highly differentiated, high-performance products can be found in a variety of markets including industrial, enterprise, broadcast, transportation, energy and consumer electronics.

Graybar is your source for all Belden signal transmission solutions as well as the complementary systems, tools and testers needed to obtain a superior installation. With more than 290 distribution locations, Graybar delivers what you need when you need it.

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Latest News and Articles

Latest Articles

  • [VID] Belden's FiberExpress Enterprise Closet X Patch Panel

    Tailored to the enterprise LAN installer, this patch panel system features removable clear doors, fiber jumper management, jumper management clips, splice cassettes with a clear door.


  • [VID] Belden's New FX Fusion Splice On Connector Product Line

    FX Fusion, Belden's new splice on connectors are an alternative to mechanical splice connectors.


  • [VID] Belden's New 4K UHD HDBaseT Media Cable

    Belden's new HDBaseT cable is very small and flexible with corrugation tape. Easy to terminate because it has just one overall foil shield, unlike individually shielded pairs. It doesn't have a braid so it has 100% shielding. It works with Belden's RevConnect.


  • The Reliable, Labor-Saving Connectivity Solution: The REVConnect Connectivity System from Belden

    Nothing slows you down more on a job site than switching from tool to tool and various termination methods to complete a job. Traditional RJ45 connectors each require their own termination method and punchdown tool or crimper. All that switching drags out installations and increases your Total Cost of Install (TCI). The REVConnect Connectivity System tackles this issue head-on with one universal tool and one simple termination method that’s compatible with all of Belden’s RJ45 connectors and plugs.


  • Belden's new RJ45 REVConnect Connectivity System

    REVConnect is a brand new RJ45 connectivity system from Belden. A single Reliable and Easy termination method that offers unparalleled Versatility; it covers jack and plug, shielded or unshielded, Category 5e through Category 6A. Read more.


  • The Contractor's Choice: Belden Optical Fiber Cables

    For consistent performance tailor-made for your installation, choose from one of several Optical Fiber Cables in the Belden product range. These high-quality cables are appropriate indoors and outdoors, for both in-building and inter-building applications. Created with innovation in mind, these cables’ thoughtful design makes installation easy and offers an end-to-end solution when combined with FiberExpress Connectivity.


  • Power is the New Signal

    Cabling performance has been measured historically in terms of information capacity. A new LAN deployment strategy called Direct Connect can maximize PDE by effectively connecting equipment to end devices with a channel made entirely with horizontal cabling. Direct Connect does require the attachment of a plug and testing in the field. New developments in the standards is available to make this a practical deployment strategy and offer an efficient method to deliver data and power to end devices.


  • [VID] A One-of-a-Kind Cat 6A from Belden

    Belden 10GSX really struck a chord with customers with it's space savings and PoE capability. It's quite a bit smaller and is the only Category 6A cable that is 100 meter compliant to a channel.


  • New Field Changeable, Entry Level 19-inch Rack Mount Switch from Belden

    The Hirschmann GREYHOUND, with Flexible Field Interchangeable Modules, now has UL approval. Read more.


  • Where Design and Performance Meet: The Category 6A 10GXS Cable

    To achieve a 10Gb/s solution, most category 6A options are all brawn or beauty—not both. Large-diameter, high-performance data cables are heavy, hard to work with, and tricky to install, and some small-diameter cables can’t perform the full 100 m length. Belden doesn’t believe in making compromises, so they built a 10GXS cable that does it all.


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