• Alpha Wire 3 and 4 Conductor VFD Cables

    Specify Alpha Series V cable for demanding VFD applications, since the integrity of your system is only as robust as the products you use. Alpha offers VFD cables from stock in most sizes and constructions, in both small and large put-ups, so you can order it when you need it.


  • Alpha Wire FIT Sleeving for Rugged Applications

    Now you can get tough, rugged woven sleeving for applications demanding superior abrasion resistance, high operating temperatures, or resistance to oils, solvents, and chemicals.


  • Alpha Wire: The Perfect Prescription for Reliable Performance

    As pharmaceutical processing equipment becomes more flexible, more capable, and more intelligent, you can't afford downtime. You need wire, cable, and related accessories that perform reliably under conditions ranging from cleanrooms to washdowns. Whether you need exceptional EMI shielding, continuous flexing, MTW ratings, or drive cables designed to withstand electrical and mechanical stresses, Alpha Wire has the wire or cable you need.