Alpha Wire FIT® Sleeving for Rugged Applications

Alpha Wire FIT Sleeving for Rugged Applications

Now you can get tough, rugged woven sleeving for applications demanding superior abrasion resistance, high operating temperatures, or resistance to oils, solvents, and chemicals. Available in wrappable, expandable, and non-expandable configurations, the new ruggedized FIT sleeving:

Protects against the harshest abrasion

FIT sleeving is available in a variety of materials and weaves to give you whatever level of heavy-duty abrasion protection your applications need.

Withstands temperature extremes

FIT sleeving covers a range of temperatures ratings—up to 280°C.

Performance for any abrasion or temperature level

Alpha Wire FIT Rugged Sleeving Chart

Speeds installation: FIT expandable sleeving goes on fast and slips over connectors up to three times the size of the final harness.

Covers long lengths: FIT expandable sleeving slides easily over long cables, making installation easy on lengths up to 1000 feet without pulling or fishing the cable.

Offers extreme flexibility: Harnesses protected by expandable sleeving coil tightly, curve smoothly, and route easily.

Saves space: FIT sleeving protects against abrasion without the bulk and limited flexibility of conduits.

Adds protection, not weight: The light weight of FIT sleeving is of significant benefit in any application where weight is a critical issue.

Dissipates moisture quickly: FIT sleeving doesn't trap moisture, grease or oils that can harm wire jacketing.