Allen Tel Kitting Solution Hastens Hurricane Repairs, Saves Money

A Simple Solution Offers measurable "Value-Added" Service

The term "value-added" is often used as a legitimate business proposition. But what does it mean if there isn't a measure of that value – in real dollars and cents? Buyers at Stratos Global achieved true savings, in time and money, when they asked Graybar for a customized solution to a costly problem.

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Dangerous Downtime

Stratos Global is a microwave data and voice communication provider for companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the major damage suffered from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the fall of 2005, numerous oil drilling platforms lost critical communication equipment – a threat to lives as well as operations. Stratos Global needed to restore communications as quickly as possible.

Delivery Charge – $5,000

The most common way to reach these remote oil platforms is by dedicated helicopter. These helicopters cost an estimated $5,000 per flight. Stratos Global had several incidents where their technicians arrived at the platforms and discovered they had grabbed boxes of surface-mount housings – but no jacks! This cost another day of downtime, plus an additional $5,000 for the helicopter to return with the correct material. The parts were inexpensive, but the cost to get material to the offshore platforms was prohibitive.

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A Forget-Proof Solution

Stratos Global tapped Graybar Account Manager Duke Goodwin for help. Goodwin proposed a simple kitting solution to Allen Tel Field Representative John Brothers. Together they asked Allen Tel to assemble 1,500 kits – with one AT55-16 jack and one AT33S-09 housing in a clear poly-bag – in just two days. The kits assured Stratos Global's buyers and technicians that the critical parts would arrive together for immediate accessibility and quick installation – saving them potentially thousands of dollars in flight time and lost productivity.


  • Custom kitting eliminated the need for helicopter flights, at a cost of $5,000 each, to retrieve forgotten parts
  • Customer improved service by reducing expensive downtime

Value-Added Services

  • Kitting
  • Cost-reduction programs
  • Market-specialized sales and service
  • Supply chain management solutions
  • Dependable local inventories

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