Allen Tel Modular Residential/MDU Solutions Save Time and Money Video

I'm here to talk about Allen Tel's Residential MDU solutions. Multiple dwelling units are defined as apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels and high density residential developments. They were initially installed by propriety, specialized companies like home theater installers. Today's solutions are more broad based, industry standard and are installed by today's contractors in the communication and construction world. This is the single largest residential construction market opportunity that we've seen in years.

Allen Tel's array of multi dwelling units includes sturdy enclosures which are easy to install, two dozen installation modules that cover twisted pair, coax, audio cable. It's complimented by a miniature and a compact solution as well.

Allen Tel solutions are interoperable and standards based. There are no proprietary products or installation practices. The modular design allows the builder, the designer and the homeowner to include specifically the products they need for their specific application, bringing them multiple services from the telephone company, the internet company and the security company into one consolidation point and distribute the cabling throughout the home or the office.

So let's sum it up in terms of ESP: efficiency, safety and productivity. Standards based, interoperable, flexible, easy to install, economical, provides cost savings and time savings for the contractor.

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