Allen Tel Mini-Termination Tool Success!

Allen Tel Mini-Termination Tool

Allen Tel introduced their new Mini-Termination Tool several weeks ago, and it is already receiving positive reviews. This unique, easy to use termination tool handles both 110 or 66-type jacks and panels—and is compact enough to fit your pocket. The dual 110/66 punch-down blade swivels inside the ergonomic handle. Snapped into place, the blade remains stable and secure for punch-down operations.

One large telephone company is considering a change from using legacy screw-terminal blocks to 110 terminations now that an economical punch down tool is available. Traditional impact tools cost 4-5 times more than the Mini-Termination Tool. It makes a great complement to Allen Tel's fully array of 110 blocks and jacks.

Another IT Manager leaves the Mini-Termination Tools in their telecom rooms with no worry about losing track of an expensive impact tool, saying “It works beautifully—quick and easy!”

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Allen Tel's new Mini Termination Tool is an ideal and economical complement for the installer's tool box or belt. Include theMini Termination Tool alongside Allen Tel's popular E-Z Tool and traditional impact tools.