Allen Tel Mini-Termination Tool

Allen Tel Mini-Termination Tool

The Mini-Termination Tool gives contractors working with structured cabling systems a fast and convenient termination solution for small jobs or single tasks that don’t require a traditional single-punch impact tool. An affordable supplement to Allen Tel impact tools, it is small enough to fit in a contractor’s pocket – no more hauling, storing or having to turn around to retrieve expensive tools at job sites that don’t require them.

The rugged handle is smooth and ergonomically designed for comfortable use and portability. It contains a versatile dual blade; users simply choose the blade for either 110 or 66-type jacks and panels, swivel it and snap it securely into place.

The Mini-Termination Tool extends installers’ capabilities for fast punch-down seating and cutting of wires. It is an indispensable complement to the E-Z Tool, the Palm Tool and the variety of Allen Tel single-punch, 4-pair, 5-pair and rapid-punch impact tools.

Features of the Mini-Termination Tool

  • 5" total length for easy carrying in pocket, tool box or belt
  • Dual blade swivels for quick 110 or 66-type termination
  • Blade snaps securely into the handle for smooth punch-down operation
  • Affordable for easy replacement


Allen Tel ATP News, Mini-Termination Tool

Allen Tel's new Mini Termination Tool is an ideal and economical complement for the installer's tool box or belt. Include theMini Termination Tool alongside Allen Tel's popular E-Z Tool and traditional impact tools.