Close Quarters? No Problem with Allen Tel's Mini and Compact MDU

Allen Tel Modular MDU Mini and Compact

Save Space, Save Headaches

As more and more wires are required for your audio, video, and datacomm needs, it’s harder and harder to keep things organized. It’s an even greater challenge in the tight spaces of today’s offices and residences, when a few cables can become a tangled mess overnight. Thankfully, Allen Tel has introduced new Mini and Compact Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU): unbeatable solutions for your cable management needs. Designed for tight spaces with minimal available wall space, the Mini MDU and Compact MDU economically distribute your audio, video, data, and telephone cables to make the most efficient use of compact space. Your days of complicated cable distribution are over - simplify your home or office with an Allen Tel Multiple Dwelling Unit.

Features and Benefits

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  • Economic distribution of multiple audio, video, telephone and data cables
  • Easy cable entry and routing for your residence or office
  • High-impact flame-resistant enclosure
  • Designed specifically for tight and compact spaces
  • Sturdy construction to withstand any installation
[PDF] Allen Tel MDU Brochure 2016

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