Watch the Allen Tel E-Z Jacks in Action!

When a customer is pleased with a product, he’s likely to tell others about it. However, Allen Tel customer Alan LeMay, owner of Telecom Design Services in Tustin, Calif., was so thrilled with the results of using Allen Tel’s E-Z Tool and E-Z Jacks, he produced a three-minute video and posted it on YouTube.

LeMay, who has been purchasing Allen Tel products from Graybar since 1996, used E-Z Tool and E-Z Jacks on a cabling installation at a 50-station medical office. “It was a pleasure to save time and avoid hassle by not using a 110 tool,” LeMay said. “We terminated 50 cables end-to-end with 100 E-Z Tool crimps versus 800 110-tool punches. ... E-Z Tool also reduced installer hand fatigue."

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“By far, E-Z Tool is one of the best tools I’ve used in years!”

– Alan LeMay