Allen Tel and Graybar: Providing Quality Products Plus Problem-Solving Solutions for YOU!

Allen Tel Quality Control

Speed, efficiency, performance and reputation matter as much for products as for the companies that provide them. That's why, when it comes to standard and customized telecommunications products, the advantage goes to Allen Tel and Graybar.

End-users and their installers are both interested in value...competitive and creative solutions for high-quality voice and data networks. That is exactly what Allen Tel Products has been doing since 1952, when the company began customizing specialty telecommunication apparatus for Graybar customers.

This beneficial relationship works two ways: Graybar remains the exclusive distributor for Allen Tel because of Allen Tel's expertise in providing telecommunications solutions. And Allen Tel remains the preferred provider of standard and customized products and services for Graybar customers, benefiting the professional contractor and the end-user together.

Allen Tel Manufacturing

Allen Tel and Graybar are here to help you solve business problems because, after all, time equals money … and as you know, the weakest link in any installation may be the least expensive component. So you can count on Allen Tel and Graybar to:

  • Eliminate troubleshooting: Poorly manufactured or minimally compliant products can lead to expensive downtime.
  • Assure availability: Unexpected delivery issues can turn into costly frustration.
  • Maximize resources: Unreliable partners may not provide all the related services you need.
Allen Tel RCDD Test Lab

Once you team up with Allen Tel and Graybar, you will begin to benefit in several significant ways. First, Allen Tel specialty telephones, voice and data connectivity products are standards-based and interoperable with the industry-leading network cable manufacturers that Graybar supports. In addition, all Allen Tel products – standard and custom – are manufactured and tested to exceed industry standards, ensuring efficient and reliable solutions.

For example, a national financial firm asked its contractor for a custom configured telco adapter to help meet the stringent lead times of its nationwide rollout. Allen Tel engineered and manufactured a solution for thousands of these specially wired adapters. What's more, thanks to Allen Tel's exclusive distribution agreement with Graybar, you can count on availability at any Graybar location … backed up by broad and deep inventories at Allen Tel's manufacturing facilities in Henderson, Nevada.

Partnering with Graybar's best-of-class distribution services and Allen Tel's dedicated manufacturing also offers you the advantages of quality solutions at a competitive price; custom engineering, design and manufacturing; project coordination; kitting; and training.

Allen Tel regularly engineers, manufactures and programs specialty telephones to customer specifications. Don't just take our word for it. Check out these true stories about how Allen Tel and Graybar enhanced productivity and efficiency for two customers.