Allen Tel Case Studies

  • New LED Lighting System Boosts Employee Productivity and Satisfaction for Telecom Manufacturer Allen Tel

    Graybar provided a complete LED retrofit lighting solution for Allen Tel Products’ entire 65,000 sq. ft. facility—right down to the elevators. Not only did the new LED fixtures improve worker’s vision and reduce eyestrain, but the system immediately lowered Allen Tel’s monthly utility costs by $700 per month and qualified for Nevada energy rebates.


  • Allen Tel Kitting Solution Hastens Hurricane Repairs, Saves Money | Allen Tel Case Study

    Stratos Global tapped Graybar Account Manager Duke Goodwin for help. Goodwin proposed a simple kitting solution to Allen Tel Field Representative John Brothers. Together they asked Allen Tel to assemble 1,500 kits – with one AT55-16 jack and one AT33S-09 housing in a clear poly-bag – in just two days. The kits assured Stratos Global's buyers and technicians that the critical parts would arrive together for immediate accessibility and quick installation – saving them potentially thousands of dollars in flight time and lost productivity.


  • Graybar and Allen Tel Deliver More than Just Connectivity Case Study

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBS) was adding a third building to its headquarters in Baton Rouge, La. The 625,000-square-foot, three-floor facility was designed to house 600 customer service, administrative and training employees. Although the building was planned a few years in advance, original specifications didn't include a fully structured cabling solution.