Installing Structured Cable Wiring Just Got Easier: Cable Management From Allen Tel Products

Cable Management From Allen Tel Products

Moving At The Speed Of Data

Back in the day, it didn’t take much to impress us. Computer games like Pong and Pacman were world-shattering, and the sound of dial-up internet was music to our ears. (Unless you were trying to make a phone call.) What’s possible today seems like sorcery compared to those early days. Whether it’s reliable e-commerce, video conferencing, or digital TV, we lean on fast-moving telecommunications every day.

Installation, Simplified

Structured cabling forms the backbone of a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure, and you need the right solutions to make the magic happen. With your handiwork, the wizardry of free-flowing data is possible.

For simplified installation of structured cable wiring, Allen Tel has added versatility to their cable management product line. Whether you need horizontal finger duct panels, cable management with pass-through holes, blank panels, or vertical metal rings, Allen Tel has you covered.

[PDF] Allen Tel Cable Management Product Line

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Features and Benefits

  • Horizontal cable management mounts on standard 19’ rack
  • Horizontal finger duct panel:
    • Design with flexible “fingers,” for easy and precise cable mounting—front to rear
    • Mounts on standard 19' racks and cabinets
    • Retaining cover slides open or snaps on and off for quick access
  • Vertical metal rings mount to existing holes on racks or cabinets for vertical cable routing
  • Black panels fill the spaces between mounted equipment, all mounting to standard 19' racks and cabinets