Allen Tel 110 Category 5e & Category 6 Solutions

Simple and Cost-Effective

Allen Tel's 110 Cat 5e and 6 system design

When opportunities arise to replace 66-blocks, and when today's voice and data networks demand the advantages of 110 blocks… Allen Tel makes the job easy and economical.

Allen Tel's 110 Cat 5e and 6 system design features include:

  • Rack or wall mount
  • Color-coded connectors for easy identification and termination
  • With or without legs
  • All wiring blocks are equipped with label holders and labels
  • Cat 5e kits (100 & 300 pair) - an "all-in-one" solution, makes it easier for you to complete your job
  • (Kits include C4 and C5 connectors)

110 Patch Cords and Plug Assemblies:

  • 110 to 110 configuration
  • 110 to RJ45 plug configuration
  • Wired for T568B wiring scheme (4 pair)

110 solutions manufactured by Allen Tel are regularly tested in-house and at nationally recognized test labs. They consistently exceed TIA/EIA component and channel performance. The complete array of products include multi-pair blocks, patch cords, plug assemblies and installation tools.