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From engineering to finished goods, Allen Tel provides quality voice/data solutions, which exceed expectations. Allen Tel manufactures a comprehensive line of standards-compliant copper and fiber structured cabling solutions in addition to specialty commercial/industrial telephones.

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  • New LED Lighting System Boosts Employee Productivity and Satisfaction for Telecom Manufacturer Allen Tel

    Graybar provided a complete LED retrofit lighting solution for Allen Tel Products’ entire 65,000 sq. ft. facility—right down to the elevators. Not only did the new LED fixtures improve worker’s vision and reduce eyestrain, but the system immediately lowered Allen Tel’s monthly utility costs by $700 per month and qualified for Nevada energy rebates.


  • Allen Tel Stainless Steel Faceplates with ID Windows

    Allen Tel’s new line of stainless steel faceplates are impact resistant and brushed with a stainless steel finish.

  • Cut Labor Costs & Streamline Ordering: Versatile, Compatible, Easy-Install Copper and Fiber Components from Allen Tel Products

    When you’re gunning for a lower Total Cost of Install (TCI), every bit of extra efficiency counts. Wasting time sourcing from multiple suppliers doesn’t exactly help your cause, and neither does an install that moves at a glacial pace. Streamline ordering and cut labor costs with Allen Tel’s versatile, compatible, easy-to-install copper and fiber optic components.


  • Cable Assemblies – Copper & Fiber, Standard & Custom – Lower Costs & Improve Productivity

    Allen Tel's fully compliant copper and fiber cable assemblies make the difference for contractors whose reputation and profitability depend on installation performance – and for end users like hospitals, police and fire stations, air-traffic control towers, security firms, finance companies and manufacturers who demand network reliability.


  • Close Quarters? No Problem with Allen Tel’s Mini and Compact MDU

    The need for multiple cables has expanded in residences and offices around the world, but managing those cables is harder than ever in tight and compact spaces. Allen Tel’s Mini and Compact Multiple Dwelling Units solve this problem with an economical distribution of your audio, video, telephone, and data cables, even in the smallest spaces. Why waste time untangling a mess of cables? Solve the problem in advance with the well-designed Mini and Compact MDU.


  • [VID] Adds, Changes, Moves with One MDU Box from Allen Tel

    The Allen Tel MDU box allows a contractor to do all their Adds, Moves, Changes and growth all in one unit. What this box does is allows you to bring your internet services into this unit and from there, your internet service can be converted into wireless service.


  • So Long, Typewriters & Chalkboards: A/V & Multimedia Connectivity Solutions From Allen Tel

    Today’s classrooms, homes, hospitals, and businesses require dynamic and flexible infrastructure for every audiovisual need. Whether it’s projectors, video-conferencing equipment, or flat-screen displays, your customers demand the latest and greatest gadgets—and it’s your job to make the magic happen. To make your life easier, Allen Tel delivers multimedia connectivity and simple, real-world A/V solutions that are easy to install.


  • [VID] Allen Tel Modular Residential/MDU Solutions Save Time and Money

    Allen Tel solutions are interoperable and standards based. There are no proprietary products or installation practices. The modular design allows the builder, the designer and the homeowner to include specifically the products they need for their specific application, bringing them multiple services from the telephone company, the internet company and the security company into one consolidation point and distribute the cabling throughout the home or the office.


  • Allen Tel Makes E-Z Work of Terminating Voice and Data Jacks

    Perfect for any size project, E-Z Tool is the only tool an installer needs for Cat 3, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A jacks, flush or angled. Just one simple squeeze of the E-Z Tool handle simultaneously seats, terminates and cuts all pairs. As a result, installers can save up 66% of installation time and labor.


  • Installing Structured Cable Wiring Just Got Easier: Cable Management From Allen Tel Products

    When your headphones get tangled up into an unholy mess, it’s annoying. But when structured cable wiring gets jumbled up, it’s costly and time-consuming. Network performance matters, and no one has time for messy cable management that wastes time and money. To keep everything on track, contractors need improved cabling installation and management in network racks and cabinets.


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