TE Connectivity News

  • Expand Fiber Capacity—The Right Way: CommScope’s Rapid Fiber System

    Adding fiber capacity to the CO or data center can be a daunting and costly endeavor. Service providers are tasked with reducing labor requirements, while keeping a tight lid on long-term operating expenses. With TE's Rapid Fiber System, contractors confidently install and deploy optic fiber distribution networks in a variety of architectures—with superior performance, and less time and total cost.


  • Easier, Faster Terminations: SL Series Modular Jack Termination Tool From TE Connectivity

    From fancy back-up cams to snazzy smartphones, we’re getting carried away with technology these days. For you, 110 punchdown terminations work just fine. You’d rather do it right, one conductor at a time, than mess around with complex tools. (Don’t ever change.) The SL Series Modular Jack Termination Tool allows you to install copper connectivity like you always have, but better.


  • [VID] TE Connectivity Undercarpet Cabling System

    TE's AMP NETCONNECT undercarpet cabling system is a low profile, flexible system that makes even the most complex cabling job simple, economical and beautifully invisible.


  • Supreme Flexibility + Speedy Installation = The FiberGuide System From CommScope

    Fiber optic cables transmit data in massive amounts at impressive speeds. Since data drives today’s business world, a kink in the plan throws everything off-kilter. To keep data moving, electrical contractors and installers need fiber routing and protection solutions that do more. The FiberGuide System from CommScope simplifies installation and delivers maximum flexibility, for total network performance and uptime.


  • Commscope's Thermal Adhesive Coated (TAC) Fiber System: The Easy-Install, Nearly Invisible Fiber Technology

    No one wants to trip over unsightly broadband cable and equipment at home or work. And your customers hire contractors and installers who can keep up with changing demands. Thermal Adhesive Coated (TAC) Fiber system responds to these challenges with a solution that’s easy to install—and cable that’s nearly undetectable to the casual observer.


  • [VID] Optical LAN Solutions from TE Connectivity Increase Efficiency

    TE Connectivity Field Engineer Sean Kelly demonstrates three Optical LAN Solutions from TE Connectivity used in the enterprise space. Watch the video.


  • [VID] TE Connectivity Storage Area Management System

    TE Connectivity Field Application Engineer Sean Kelly explains Storage Area Management Network that makes cable more efficient with hotswappable cards that are precabled. TE Connectivity's Storage Area Management (SAM) System can help data center managers and IT professionals optimize network performance and reduce the complexity of their data center environment.


  • CommScope Category 6A Unshielded Cabling Solution

    CommScope Category 6A unshielded cabling system is designed to meet the performance and density demands of 10 GbE applications.


  • Core Vertical Switch Management (VSM) Platform

    TE's Core Vertical Switch Management (VSM) platform routes cables directly from switch ports to patch panels above the switch, providing space, access, and maintenance benefits to high-density core switches with vertical blade configurations.


  • Introducing a Plug and Play 10 GbE Solution for Superior Data Center Agility

    The MRJ21 XG solution is a pre-terminated copper cabling system designed to deliver 10 GbE throughput in all architectures where copper cabling is required.