Core Vertical Switch Management (VSM) Platform

TE Connectivity Core VSM Platform

Introducing the core Vertical Switch Management (core VSM) platform, a new application-driven solution for the unique cabling challenges presented by vertical blade-based core switch systems. Core VSM routes cables directly from switch ports to patch panels above the switch, providing space, access, and maintenance benefits to high-density core switches with vertical blade configurations. Paired with CommScope's Quick-Fit cassettes, the Core VSM supports a seamless migration from 10 to 40 and 100 Gbs applications.

With the core VSM platform, all patch cables, whether fiber or copper, are managed vertically, and just one length of patch cord is required to patch within a frame, simplifying the build process and ongoing logistics. The design consists of a cable management guide that fits above the switch, and copper or fiber modules that provide connections for blades of either media. The complete core VSM platform can be installed within an 800mm wide cabinet, saving valuable white space in the data center.

Core VSM Features:

  • Supports Cisco's NEXUS 7010 Core Switch
  • Cabling routes directly from switch to ports to patch panels above the switch
  • Logical representation of the switch ports and ease of access
  • Single patch cord lengths
  • Simplified blade changeover
  • Supports both copper and fiber cabling and facilitates the migration from one to the other
  • Compatibility with the Universal Connectivity Platform– TE’s advanced modular cabling solution


[PDF] Core Vertical Switch Management Data Sheet