The Smart, High-Performing Lighting: The W Series From Lithonia Lighting®

Acuity W Series

Addressing Today’s Green Building Requirements

By committing to energy efficiency, contractors reduce costs and respond to the demand for green practices . Developers and builders do business with contractors who understand this need. To call a building “green,” it must consume less energy than an average building—smart lighting is a big part of that equation.

Lighting That’s Ahead Of Its Time

The W Series LED from Lithonia Lighting delivers on the promise of LED technology with long life, superior quality and highly efficient lighting systems. This luminaire delivers up to 53% energy savings when replacing T12 fluorescent lighting and up to 35% when replacing T8 fluorescent lighting. Perfect for low-traffic or low occupancy areas like stairwells, the W Series LED is fully compliant with building codes that state that stairways can’t be dark, but can be dimmed.

W Series LED luminaire features an integral occupancy sensor that allows the fixture to power off when unoccupied or dim from 5% to 100%. Integral control options include dual technology micro-sensors and short range sequential stairwell options to keep occupants safe and comfortable while saving energy. The sensor is also designed with a “fail-to-on” feature preventing any disruption in operation.

Want more proof? Check out our most recent case study on The University of Minnesota where the installation of the W Series LED will save an estimated $30,000 annually-on just one-fifth of the campus alone!

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  • Integrated occupancy sensor allows fixture to power off when occupied, or dim from 5 percent to 100 percent
  • Easily configurable to surface or wall-mount applications
  • High-quality illumination
  • Advanced LED technology
  • DLC listed