Smarter, Easier Health Care Lighting from Acuity Brands Video

Many of you are working with health care owners and clients that are more interested in lighting than ever before. The interesting thing with health care; so much is happening on the policy side. Hospitals are charged with always being up and running, keeping a safe environment and keeping a productive environment. Costs are very tight so they have to save energy and reduce operations and maintenance. The biggest thing is that they have to improve care.

Acuity Brands has designed some fixtures that help contractors deliver better solutions to heath care facilities, easier to installer, easier to control, require very little maintenance, and we think that is the future of health care lighting and controls.

We're showing our new Entera series from Healthcare Lighting. What's really exciting about the Entera series is not just that it's LED - but that's exciting - everyone wants LED – but that you've got integrated controls with these luminaires. So think about control scenarios from the perspective from your customers. You have patients that need to control levels of light but you also have care givers that may need higher intensity light so they can perform tasks such as visual diagnostics and observations and exams.

The exciting thing about these new health care lighting fixtures is that there's intelligence inside these fixtures. When I say that I mean the controllability, but also there smart drivers that allow our customers to have smooth, flicker free dimming. And that more controllability that your clients have in their actual spaces, it helps you as a contractor. They can tune and can have flexible systems in their space and you can get off the job quicker.

These Enlight controls that are in our new patient room series by Healthcare Lighting, are really wonderful because they're incredibly scalable. Via Cat5 cable you can connect your patient room luminaire to the patient bathroom to the corridor to the nurse's station and throughout your entire campus. That allows you to have this network control that has very minimum commissioning. As soon as you plug in a device, the network recognizes it, so you're not spending days and hours commissioning projects.

Acuity Brands has created these sleek, smart packages that really deliver a lot of value for your clients, and allow you to get on and off a job quicker, which a win-win for all.