Configure and Manage Wired + Wireless Controls From a Single Interface: Acuity Controls SensorView 13

Acuity Controls SensorView 13 XPoint nLight

XPoint™ & nLight®, Together at Last

Acuity Controls SensorView 13 joins two of the industry’s leading networked LED solutions, XPoint Wireless and nLight, into one powerful web-based interface. With XPoint Wireless, lighting can be configured in zones or as individual luminaires. Lighting can also be adjusted based on occupancy, daylight, BMS integration, wall stations, critical load-shed events, and more.

nLight is a networked, digital-lighting-control system that seamlessly integrates daylight-based, sensor-based, time-based, and manual lighting control schemes. For easy set-up and monitoring of wired and wireless networked lighting controls, SensorView 13 is now integrated with both nLight and XPoint Wireless. Because some things are better together. (Like Nutella and toast.)

One Platform To Rule Them All

SensorView 13 allows users to remotely monitor and configure nLight and XPoint Wireless networked luminaires and controlled devices. In the world of networked controls, that’s a match made in heaven. With both wireless and wired systems operating under a single backbone, users can reconfigure and manage how the lighting responds to the changing needs of the facility.

Whether it’s trimming excess light levels in a parking garage or grouping warehouse aisle lights to respond uniformly, SensorView 13 makes it easy to program schedules to reflect the unique needs of each space. Plus, you’ll save time with a quick install and handheld control from a smartphone or tablet. (That’s a bonus.) Acuity Controls. Superior performance, efficiency, and savings.

Acuity Controls SensorView 13 XPoint nLight

Features and Benefits

  • Monitor and configure nLight and/or XPoint Wireless network luminaires and controlled devices from one powerful web-based interface
  • Save time with a quick install and handheld control from a smartphone or tablet
  • Quickly and simply create custom configuration profiles that can be scheduled or run on demand
  • Displays live device status, and indicates and reports on sensor and controller settings
  • Installed on a single host computer that resides on the same Ethernet LAN (or WAN) as one or more nLight gateway devices
  • Can be configured to communicate directly with a single zone of devices
[PDF] Acuity Brands SensorView Sell Sheet
[PDF] Acuity Brands SensorView Spec Sheet
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[PDF] Acuity Brands XPoint Wireless Specification FAQs

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