The Most Configurable High Bay: I-BEAM IBG LED High Bays from Acuity Brands

Lithonia Lighting I-BEAM IBG High Bay is the most configurable high bay in the industry. It has the perfect mix of visual comfort and efficiency that's on the market today.

3 things that IBG does for a contractor:

Acuity I-BEAM IBG LED High Bays
  1. It has the best efficiency on the market, so you know, based on the lumens per watt and the price, you're going to have the best value in the marketplace.
  2. The visual comfort that it brings is amazing. You don't have to worry about harsh glare anymore.
  3. It's probably the most maintenance-friendly high bay on the planet. Only two screws need to be removed to get to all the internal components, wire it up and then you're done.

In industrial spaces there are literally millions of high bays installed; IBG does a perfect job replacing fluorescent high bays.

In a lot of cases with your LED high bay you can reduce fixture count. With IBG you're dealing most of the time with a 2 foot fixture, so you're going to have speed of installation, reduced packaging and just the weight overall is a lot less.

The LED high bays typically save at least 50% energy, IBG does a number better: now you're about 70-75% energy savings against the comparable fluorescent fixture. When you look at the comparable HID fixture, you're looking at anywhere between 80 and 90% savings.

From a longevity perspective, IBG boasts one of the longest L70 lifetimes out there, so typically you're looking at greater than 100,000 hours. So you're going to have that reliability for years of continuous operation.

IBG has all the controls that you need, starting with your occupancy and daylight sensors in industrial applications. Options include aisle sensors, high mount sensors and low mount sensors, plus wired or wireless network controls that are available with Acuity Controls nLight system or Acuity Controls XPoint wireless system.

Depending on the flexibility of the system, you can go with a wired or wireless configuration to really boost the savings, boost your flexibility and reduce maintenance even more.

[PDF] Acuity Brands I-BEAM IBG LED High Bay Sell Sheet