Video: Interchangeable Lenses Save Industrial Contractors Labor Time

If you're an industrial contractor and you're doing industrial jobs where you need to add motion sensing or photocell sensing, we have our new LSXR sensor line. What's unique about this is it has interchangeable lenses. So if you aren't quite sure what the space is going to be be used for, if it's going to have racking of aisles or just going to be an open area underneath, the lensing doesn't matter – you don't have to know that when you buy the product.

So you can buy one sensor with a couple different lenses. In this case this has a high bay 360 lens, but if you find out you're going to be using racking, you can snap the lens off and then we've got four additional lenses that can be used to easily snap on. In this case, if you wanted aisles you'd use this aisleway sensor lens.

Or if you weren't going to be up at 30 feet, instead the fixture hanging at 15 feet, we have a low bay lens, which provides better coverage at that height. What's nice about that is that you don't need to know up front what the exact application that's going on underneath the lighting is going to be, especially in a warehouse where you're potentially changing the space needs.

The LSXR series of high bay occupancy sensors from Sensor Switch can have up to four different interchangeable lenses, making application in the field very easy.