3M Wireless Resources

When it comes to cell-site solutions, 3M is the right partner at every level.

As wireless migrates from 3G to 4G, the future is fiber. And 3M offers more solutions at every step of the way. Not only do we have a 30-year history of proven performance in field-mounted fiber connectivity, our robust portfolio of Tower Solutions also includes weatherproofing and cable management technologies. In short, our Tower Solutions enable fast and easy installs with considerable savings on labor, inventory, operating expenses and maintenance costs. For a lower TCO and higher ROI.

Fiber Connectivity

The fastest route from FTTA to B.

With over 10 million installed worldwide, our mechanical connectors have proven reliability. They're also field-mountable, which eliminates the issues tied to factory-terminated cables. Issues like stocking multiple lengths, managing slack, carrying spares for inevitable field failures—and the expenses that come with them.


The one stop for weatherproofing.

Weather causes more cell-site issues than anything else. And when it comes to weatherproofing, 3M offers a full range of weather protection products. In other words, we make it easy to get all the protection you need, all in one place.


Keep cables in line.

Our craft-friendly, flexible solutions for fiber and power cabling management, like fiber terminals and enclosures with re-enterable, plug-n-play, future-proofed solutions, are simple to install and make changes fast and easy. Because when it comes to spending time on the tower, less is always more.


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