3M™ SLiC Stubbed Aerial Terminals

3M SLiC Aerial Stubbed Terminals

The 3M™ SLiC Stubbed Aerial Terminals are designed to provide flexibility to the installer. They offer fixed-count termination for aerial drop wires in a weatherproof, non-metallic housing. The stubbed aerial terminals can be installed on the left or right side of an aerial closure, offered with a 12-foot cable tail. The terminal is offered with 10- or 25-pair 3M™ Multi-Pair Terminating System ATS/TR termination block or 10-pair 3M™ Termination Module MX2000 Single-Pair Terminal Block (protected or unprotected). The unprotected version can be upgraded by switching the blocks to protected version in the same terminal if needed.


[PDF] 3M SLiC Aerial Closures and Terminals Brochure
[PDF] 3M SLiC Stubbed Aerial Terminal Brochure