3M™ SLiC Aerial Terminals

3M SLiC Aerial Terminals

3M™ SLiC™ Aerial Terminals are distribution terminals and closures contained within a lightweight, double-walled plastic housing. All three sizes of terminals are offered with rubber end seal (RES) or spiral end seal (SES) versions to ensure a snug fit on cables, virtually eliminating the need for drip collars. The 3M SLiC terminal with spiral end seals comes packaged with four-port end seals.

The interlocking ends of this SLiC terminal can be extended to accommodate the splice opening by cutting a standard 3.6x33 (or) 5.6x33 closure in half. Each respective half can be used to extend the terminal to the left or the right.

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[PDF] 3M SLiC Aerial Closures and Terminals Brochure
[PDF] 3M SLiC Aerial Terminal 319 Data Sheet