3M™ SLiC Aerial Closures

3M SLiC Aerial Closures

3M™ SLiC Closures are double-wall molded, single-piece closures that are easily installed in construction or maintenance situations. The one-piece construction permits complete splice access after placement without removal of the closure or bonding from the cables. All components attach to the closure, so there are no parts to lose.

Available in seven sizes that can accommodate splice bundles from 2.2 inches to 9.6 inches, the SLiC closure can be easily extended. Take one or more additional (same size) closures, cut them in half and connect to the left or right side of your existing closures via the interlocking ends. Because of these interlocking ends, the 3M SLiC Closure (2.6x29, 3.6x33, 5.6x33, 7.6x33 models) can expand to meet virtually any size sheath opening without a need to stock special kits.

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[PDF] 3M SLiC Aerial Closures and Terminals Brochure