The Ultimate Fireproofing Tape: Scotch® Fire-Retardant Electric Arc Proofing Tape 77

3M Scotch Fire-Retardant Arc Proofing 77 Tape

Protection At 2,000° Fahrenheit

With an advanced elastomer that provides a thick char build-up between the flame and cable, Scotch 77 Tape helps protects most types of electrical cables. This handy fireproofing tape is designed to withstand a torch flame of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit—a temperature hot enough to melt gold—for three whole minutes. An insulating firewall acts as a heat shield and flame barrier, and all adjacent wrapped cables and accessories are protected when exposed to fault arcs, until limiting devices can interrupt the faulted circuit. (per Con Ed 5343 sect. 3.2.6)

Staying Out Of The Hot Seat

Because Scotch 77 Tape is unsupported, it’s extremely conformable. Installers can easily wrap cables and accessories with more uniform coverage. The tape’s thin cross sections reduce overall weight compared to some other methods, without skimping on fire and arc protection.

The thin profile of the tape helps dissipate heat faster versus other forms of thicker fire protection which doesn't reduce the power rating of the cable. Plus, additional wraps can be applied without requiring a reduction in conductor loads. Now cables and accessories can be fire and arc proofed faster and easier.

[PDF] 3M Scotch 77 Fire and Electric Arc Proofing Tape Data Sheet

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  • Clean, easy to apply, virtually eliminates cuts and contusions to the hands
  • Wrinkle-free wrapping and complete coverage with minimum effort
  • Provides fault arc protection to adjacent wrapped cables and accessories
  • Expands to provide an insulating firewall between the flame and cable
  • Self-extinguishing—will not propagate flame
  • Helps maintains its fire and arc proofing properties for the life of the cable
  • Resistant to water, salt water, acids, sewage, and UV light
  • Can be removed and reused
  • Standard roll sizes for fast, convenient installation

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