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Imagine more network performance from fewer parts using less energy in a smaller space. It's called Passive Optical LAN. It's "green" as in "better for the environment," because it uses less energy and consumes far less space and raw materials compared to copper cabling. It's also "green" as in "better for your bottom line." Because the total solution consumes less energy (compared to traditional copper Ethernet solutions), that translates to lower deployment and operating expenses.

What is POLS?

POLS stands for Passive Optical LAN Solution. Put simply, it's a cost-effective, fiber-to-the-desktop enterprise solution that's changing both the network, and the way we think about designing, installing, and maintaining the network. It's called passive because there's no need for active electronics between the main equipment room and the work areas-only passive optical splitters that distribute converged services directly from main switch to the terminals (without using electricity). It brings high performance (gigabit) broadband to the desktop at a fraction of the cost of typical copper-based Ethernet LAN configurations.


With the rising use of Internet-based apps, video conferencing and wireless LANs, enterprise broadband demand is exploding. POLS delivers voice, video and data at gigabit speeds to any Ethernet end point such as user devices, access points, wireless controllers, application servers and printers.

The beauty of passivity.

POLS isn't just greener, less costly, easier to install and easier to maintain. It's also more secure than legacy Ethernet networks. Typical Ethernet LANs emit electronic magnetic signals that can be intercepted by hackers. Passive Optical LAN does not. And POLS supports security mechanisms such as AES (advanced encryption standard) 128-bit encryption.Finally, POLS is reliable. And when data is the lifeblood of your business, you can't afford downtime.


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