3M Pink Hard Hat Campaign

If you care about somebody with breast cancer, you may want to watch this.

Hard hats have a shelf life and there is a time frame involved with them, typically 2-5 years. So how does someone understand or know when that time frame and when a hard hat is good and when it's not? The more the sun shines on it and a contractor is outside working, the plastic can become brittle and be damaged over time.

3M has built into the hard hat a unique feature called the UVicator. When the UVicator goes from red to white, it means that the plastic has probably become brittle from sun shining on it and it will need to be replaced.

One of the unique features with 3M's hard hat is our ratcheting head piece. When you put the hard hat on and turn the ratchet down, you can easily bend over and pick up dropped tools, parts or pieces and the hard hat stays in place. Very comfortable fit, very light weight, very breathable.

These hard hats are available in many different colors. With these hard hats you can get custom logos on front, back or center. We also add reflective strips front, back or sides to really get you noticed out in the field.

If you're questioning why we have the pink hard hat out today, we are running an awareness campaign for breast cancer. The month of October is breast cancer awareness month. We're trying to raise $100,000 for breast cancer awareness. Graybar has partnered with us and have these available in many of their branches. We'd appreciate your support.

If you are interested in purchasing these hard hats, you can go to your local Graybar counter or they're available online http://www.graybar.com/store/en/gb/thinkpink.