3M MIY Biometric Access Control Readers Video

Tracie Mortenson, Channel Development Manager at 3M, discusses the 3M MiY, which stands for Make it Yours, Biometric Access Control Readers. These indoor or outdoor access control readers can communicate with any existing access control system and are configurable. Configure different layers of security or processes at every door so you can layer your security throughout the building.

Installation is easy because all the devices are installed exactly the same, as the connections are always the same. The mounting bracket has a hinge so your hands are free to do the wiring. Once wired, you connect it, put in the two screws and the software will see it. It's also easy to register to your physical access control system, making an installer's life much easier. Learn more.

3M MiY is the only biometric access control device on the market right now that is FIPS 201 PIV certified for processing government credentials.