Quickly, Safely and Accurately Locate Underground Assets With 3M™ Dynatel™ Locators + 3M™ Electronic Marking System (EMS) and ID Markers

Quickly, Safely and Accurately Locate Underground Assets With 3M Dynatel Locators + 3M Electronic Marking System (EMS) and ID Markers

The Challenge: Buried Points of Interest

While cable locators can be quite efficient for locating the path of buried facilities, pinpointing points of special interest such as splices, laterals, repair points and stubs is challenging. Special techniques and procedures exist but do not work consistently and are time consuming. Often the contractor is forced to simply ‘dig a bigger hole’. For contractors working within the power, telephone, and gas and water markets, identifying the accurate location of underground assets, while preventing damage, is key. As the complexity and value of buried assets continue to grow, so does the potential for inadvertent damage, work stoppages, and possible injuries.

The Solution: 3M™ Locators and Markers

3M™ Locators and Markers provide a complete solution for marking, mapping and relocation of important underground assets. The full line of 3M™ Locators and Markers help contractors quickly and accurately identify buried utilities and points of interest that may not be efficiently located using conventional electromagnetic locating instruments. Contractors can find the exact path and estimated depth of underground utilities, locate buried passive markers, and read and write information directly to programmable iD markers.

With 3M™ Locators and Markers, contractors have a way to help provide better locating and marking options, all while helping to reduce lost revenue for property owners and utility companies.

Ask your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR for complete information about 3M Dynatel locators or 3M Electronic Marking System.

Features at a Glance:

  • A method of marking underground assets that lasts the life of the facility
  • Positive identification of facilities with ID markers with the ability to read/write facility data onto the marker.
  • A time saver that can reduce the amount of time and excavation required to locate and access specific underground facilities.
  • The ability to uniquely identify underground facilities in the field to correlate to plant maps or in the absence of maps.
  • Reduce the risks of damage to nearby facilities in excavation while improving excavation safety.
  • Enable product traceability.
  • Tolerant with congestion.
  • Helps reduce overall costs.


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